Stella and Gracie 


 I don’t know why I didn’t post this this earlier but I just looked at my phone and it wasn’t up yet. I’m sorry.

3- Gracie met me at the door just meowing like crazy! Stella sat next to the scratching post and just watched me:)

Cleans out their litter box. Thanks goodness you wrote on there how to empty that litter genie. I’ve used one before but could not remember for the life of me how it worked. I vacuumed around it also.

Got the mail, brought up try garbage can, and brought in a package you had on the front step.  It was from a pet place so I hope the girls don’t help themselves to it;)

I fed them and gave fresh water too.

They are good and I think they enjoyed my company. Especially Gracie ❤️



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