Monthly Archives: February 2016

Chick, Rosie and Bear


6:30 pm

I saw two out of the three kitties. Chick was hanging out upstairs and then followed me down. I saw either Rosie or Bear was on the main level but she or he was pretty shy. They are doing well and all is fine at your home. 

I know they will be so happy to have you home. Please let us know when you arrive. 





Chase and I are hanging out on the couch with his baby. He’s been carrying it around! ☺️ He ate a lot of dry food tonight then jogged in the yard for a good bit.

**If you need any help with eye drops when you get home, please don’t hesitate to call me and I will come over and help you!!  🙂 Meagan  


Abby, Jake and Bella


Love being with Abby, Bella and Jake!  They make me so happy.  We had some outside play time and then in for dinner.  Then we went back outside to enjoy this beautiful day.  They just wanted to all sit right by me.  Thank you for all of the bows and gratuity.  I will certainly donate the bows and I appreciate your generosity.  


Charlie and Henry



We had a fantastic walk! We went to the long trail that runs behind the houses. Charlie and Henry loved it so much. They smelled everything and marked everything. 😄 Charlie was the troop leader of course! We had a great visit.  Meagan