Monthly Archives: September 2016




Max is thrilled with this cold night. He is digging under the porch and I tried to get down there best I could and fill up his hole. He barked at me and was super upset I did that. We came back inside to play to try and distract him but he was still not pleased. Haha. I decided to sweep up some of his hair off the floor and in his fit, he grabbed the pile I created and flung it around the house. I couldn’t help but laugh. We tried again and I finally got to clean up a little. Lol. I hope he’s forgotten about it in the morning. πŸ™‚ Meagan 

Autumn and Dixie



So great to see the girls again. πŸ™‚ we played outside and thoroughly enjoyed this amazing weather. Autumn is bringing out all of her toys and showing Dixie and I. Probably the CUTEST thing I’ve ever seen… and watching them show off together. I just love them. Dixie fits right in. So happy for your family! She’s great. Autumn seems to love her too. They had treats and lots and lots of kisses! Great visit. Meagan