Monthly Archives: October 2016

Cloe and Inky


7:00 PM

Cloe is doing great! We had a lovely walk and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Then I  gave her fresh water, fed her dinner, and gave her a treat. 🙂 She got lots of love. She’s such a sweetie. We saw Inky briefly. I made sure Inky had fresh water and food as well. 🙂 Happy pets. ❤️️🐾




2pm – Cloe had a twenty min walk this afternoon.  She was unfazed by the huge Buck that ran in front of us. Did both jobs while out.  Very curious as to the pet mobile😊.  She is a sweetheart. 




8:00 PM

Love this sweet little girl! I took her for a walk, then fed her dinner and refreshed her water bowls. She ate a good bit of her food. 🙂 She ran around playing and being silly. I gave her a treat and lots of snuggles, hugs, and kisses. 🙂 🐾