Monthly Archives: March 2017

Chloe and Penny


Bedtime Visit

All went just fine tonight. I let Chloe out to potty and a very brief walk around then we came back in and had a nice visit. Little Penny showed up but wasn’t quite so welcoming…she bowed up her back and was trying to intimidate me! 😳 LOL. I gave them both treats although Penny didn’t eat hers but Chloe cleaned them up for her! 🐽🐽 Thank you for the very detailed notes 😊

Kimberly 🐾

Fudge, Tucker, and Owen


Everyone is doing just fine tonight. Fudge was not in his crate, though. I will be sure to put him there for the night. Let’s see if he escapes before morning!

Tucker is currently laying on my leg on the couch, thus earning the title of ‘sweetest dog ever’.

Owen chirped at me as I fed him, so I think that means he’s happy.

Enjoy your weekend because the pets are just fine!


Missy and Luna


12:45 PM

What a fun afternoon. 😊 We took a long walk around the neighborhood and enjoyed the sunshine and listening to the birds! Then we played in the yard for a while and the girls got a treat and lots of hugs and kisses. β€οΈπŸ’‹ I love these two!